About Us​

Robert Goods is a writer who was born and raised in the city of Riga, in Latvia. He attended Riga Technical University (RTU), while fitting in a part-time job to pay for his studies, but he did not graduate and decided to leave behind full-time education and pursue a different path.
Never one to look back, always with an eye on the future and now and IT Consultant and DevOps Engineer, Robert believes that his decision was the right one at the time. He enjoys his role, implementing new information systems for big businesses, but is really an entrepreneur at heart, always on the lookout for something that will make money.
In his free time, Robert is constantly looking for new opportunities and has dabbled in writing books, lending money, and investing in real estate. He brews his own beer at home and always has a large stock in his basement to keep him occupied. He is also a keen snowboarder and goes out on the slopes whenever he has the chance.
On top of that, Robert has taken up growing tomatoes and with his skills of building systems and automation, he has constructed a greenhouse that does not need weeding, has semi-automated fertilizing and an automated watering and temperature control. Complete with WIFI and a webcam, anyone can access his feed and watch his tomatoes growing, if they are so inclined.

Our Mission

Robert still lives in Latvia today, in the countryside near Riga, with his wife, two daughters and their pet cats. His desire is to generate a passive income that will buy him a guesthouse in the Austrian Alps, where he can work and snowboard, depending on his mood. He hopes that he can also impart much of what he has learned onto his children, showing them that there are better options for earning money than simply working for it.

Our Friends

A short introduction to our friends and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

“If that was easy, everybody would be doing it…”

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