Plants Germination
Kit with Pump

This hydroponic growing system grows 30% faster than soil, it provides 20W LED light, pump and nutrient solution to make your plants grow faster and stronger. Start your green life with this indoor herb garden


• Full season home garden. Year-round herbs fresh herbs & veggies supply.

• Quicker than soil pest free growing.

• Multi-function growing/desk/night LED lamp.

• Tiltable LED panel for best reading/desk lamp angle.

• Automatic water pump activation for water circulation/aeration.

See the Light of Product

• Visible from distance clock, alarm clock functions.

• Grow lights automatically turn ON and OFF at user specified times.

• Water level indicator and audible low water level alarm.

• Adjustable nutrient solution reminder with audible alarm.

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    • Pump dry-run protection.
    • Completely silent outside user specified grow light interval.

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